Our “About Us” Begins With You

Helping clients achieve extraordinary financial goals is the undeviating focus at TrueNorth Wealth. That focus is continually driven, sharpened, and inspired by the remarkable ways in which our clients pay the price their goals demand. Although every client’s individual journey to significant wealth is unique, each path is deeply marked in some way by tremendous dedication and overwhelming sacrifice.

That is why the touchstone for our business—for every aspect of the service we render—is a profound respect for what your achievements already represent, and what your dreams will yet require.

TrueNorth Wealth is a fee-only wealth management firm. This means there are no commissions, no affinity kickbacks, and no ulterior motive for us to place clients in any particular security or investment. It means that you get customized advice built around you, and you never have to wonder about the incentives motivating our advice. That type of fiduciary arrangement is important to nearly all our clients. We earn our fees by leveraging our professional investment knowledge and tax expertise, not by pushing certain investment products.  Each one of our advisors is a true fiduciary in every sense of the word. What’s best for the client is our only thought, and our own success depends entirely on the satisfaction of those we serve. We charge a small fee that is based solely on the assets we manage. We believe this is a healthy arrangement because it incentivizes us to grow your account. Other firms may generate significant amounts of revenue for themselves without their clients’ accounts growing at all.

We pride ourselves on providing superior financial guidance with respect to both investment and money-management matters. But what sets us apart, perhaps more than anything else, is our approach to tax planning. Today, finding a tax-focused financial advisor is, unfortunately, as rare as it is vital. Many firms can help you grow existing wealth, but TrueNorth is unique in its ability to help you build wealth while minimizing tax liability. All too often we begin working with new clients who have already missed out on significant opportunities to reduce major tax bills. In such cases, we immediately implement strategies to help minimize tax liability going forward, but we can only lament the years’ worth of savings that have been irretrievably lost. If you’ll let us help you candidly evaluate how much tax you are currently paying on your last dollars earned, we’re certain you’ll grasp the importance of creating a tax-oriented financial plan. In developing your overall plan, the importance of a deliberate and informed tax strategy can hardly be overstated. Identifying such a strategy requires so much more than meeting with a CPA to complete your annual tax return or to ask basic questions. Our knowledge and experience will not only provide you with crucial answers, but also help you identify which questions need to be asked in the first place.

The following paragraphs provide more detail about what makes TrueNorth different. If the firm’s unique investment insight, tax expertise, and no-nonsense approach to fiduciary relationships could benefit you, we invite you to learn more.

About the Firm

TrueNorth Wealth was founded in 2006. Since then, the firm has grown to manage over $1Billion in client assets. Our financial advisors have more than forty-five years of combined experience, and they operate principally out of our offices in Salt Lake City, St. George, Logan and Boise, Idaho. TrueNorth provides financial planning, investment advice, and tax counseling services to individuals, corporations, small businesses, estates, trusts, 401(k) pensions and profit sharing plans, and institutional clients.

About Our Clients

Although we have a wide and diverse client base (which includes individuals, businesses, and various financial entities), our typical client is a successful, busy professional who wishes to safely protect wealth, grow assets, legally minimize taxes, and secure their legacy with proper estate planning. Our clients often face complex and multi-faceted financial situations, which can include businesses, trusts, real estate, and other assets. Many of our clients consistently and enthusiastically engage in the wealth management process. These clients are eager to learn and actively participate in developing and applying an overall strategy for growing their investments and net worth.

TrueNorth’s expertise proves most beneficial to clients who have at least $500,000 in investable assets. We accept new clients on a selective basis through a process that begins with a no-cost, informational interview. If we’re a good fit, that initial meeting becomes the start of a productive, long-term relationship.

Three Points We’d Like You to Consider

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    You are in control at all times. You’re the boss. Our job is to educate you and help you make decisions that we believe are in your best interest. We provide expertise, leadership, honest opinions, and definitive recommendations, but you make the final decisions about how to deploy your assets, which are safely held in your name with a third-party custodian.You always have full control over your financial decisions and can review your accounts any time through a secure website.
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    Taxes matter. Legally viable, tactically sound tax reduction is a key part of what we do. We continually look for ways to lessen tax obligations by optimizing social security benefits, required minimum distributions, charitable gifts, wealth transfers, and many other tax-related strategies.
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    Fiduciary: it’s not just a title but our watchword. We’ve already mentioned the importance of the fiduciary relationship, but it bears repeating, particularly because it’s at the core of our service and culture. Being a fiduciary means we must act in the best interests of our clients. For us, this approach is motivated not by any set of legalistic rules but rather by our absolute conviction that if your needs are met, our own success will follow. That bedrock principle provides the foundation on which our client relationships blossom into true long-term partnerships. At TrueNorth, your financial well-being and peace of mind is paramount.

Our Investment Philosophy

Ours is a comprehensive service that does not view your finances in a vacuum, but rather considers how those finances figure into your larger family picture and life circumstances. Some firms provide segmented advice on estate, income tax, retirement, investment, and insurance planning; by contrast, we help you bring it all together to advance your overall interests. Regular reviews of your financial plan allow us to foresee potential problems, give you advice based on the current political and economic climate, and plan for any major life changes. We pay attention, so you don’t have to.

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In the End

We build long-term client relationships, beginning from a foundation of mutual trust and respect. We’re here to help you achieve clarity about your entire financial picture—to help you intelligently manage today and plan for tomorrow. We never forget that all our work begins and ends with you.

If this type of relationship sounds like one you’d like to be part of, please contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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