Office Manager Amber Miller

Amber Miller

Client Relations / Office Manager

Amber enjoys meditation and yoga, and excels at keeping her life in balance! She is adventurous, but afraid of many things. She loves to travel and experience new things, so she pushes past the fear. She is a self-described clean freak, and conversely, enjoys being out-doors, camping, and hiking; in fact, she and her husband spent two months traveling Utah, exploring, and living in a tent. She says that dirt feels different outside, it’s natural, and is a part of the experience

Amber Miller is the Office Manager at TNWM. Previously, she was a financial supervisor at a cable company. She is organized, and loves planning. This makes her great at her job! She has a positive outlook on life, and a good attitude about almost everything. She is determined, hard working, and very good at motivating others.

Amber’s immediate family consists of her husband, a cat and a dog. She grew up in Michigan and is close to her family, who still live there. Growing up, she played volleyball for nine years. She is service oriented, and volunteers at soup kitchens, has been a youth group volunteer at VBS, has worked with dementia patients, and she absolutely loves children and animals. Her interests include: rock climbing, (indoors and out), Mario Kart contests, (in which she and her husband decimate the competition by having the others’ back), rock hounding, any skill she can learn with her husband, reading, cooking, and making memories with her family. Resin art is high on her list, and she creates different kinds of jewelry and art, a hobby which she would love to turn into a business when she has the time. She enjoys nineties and pop music, is a nature lover, enjoys traveling, and blogging with pictures that tell a story.

She loves coffee, energy drinks, Mexican food, and any kind of potatoes, but especially mashed. One of the best books she has ever read, is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Her favorite genres are mysteries and thrillers, and she will read anything by Shari Lapena. Her parents are inspirational to her and have set an example for her with their hard work and strong ethics. Her two sets of grandparents are her heroes, because, “they had so much love for everyone”.

What was your favorite vacation?
Mackinaw Island in Michigan. My entire family was there, and we made so many amazing memories; things we will hold onto forever.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Flying, then I could fly everywhere, and explore new places more quickly!

What is your favorite quote?
“Life moves pretty fast; if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
-Ferris Buehler