More About Us

At TrueNorth Wealth, commitment to our clients and integrity come first. Consider a few of the ways we stay true to your direction and your wealth:

Fiduciary responsibility. We are among a unique set of independent financial professionals who are fiduciaries; meaning we must act in the best interests of our clients.

Trusted custody of your assets. Your assets are safely held in your name with a third-party custodian. You have full access and control over your accounts and can access them anytime through a secure website

Tax reduction. We focus on reducing taxes every step of the way to and through retirement. We look for ways to optimize Social Security, RMDs, charitable gifts, wealth transfer, and many other tax-related situations.

You’re the boss. We realize that no one cares more about your money than you do! Our job is to educate you and help you make decisions in your best interest. We provide expertise and leadership—the final decision is yours. We have no discretion over your assets.

Our Ideal Client

Teachable, busy, growing net worth. We provide financial planning and investment consulting services to individuals, corporations, small businesses, 401(k), pensions and profit sharing plans, estates, trusts, and institutional clients. Our expertise proves most beneficial to clients who have at least $500,000 in investable assets. Our average client portfolio holds more than $1,000,000.

Our Client Service Model

We worry so you don’t have to. We accept new clients on a selective basis through a process that begins with a no-cost, informational interview. When a client relationship commences, we build or refine your financial plan, guided by your goals and circumstances. Regular reviews of your financial plan allow us to foresee potential problems, give you advice based on the current political and economic climate, and plan for any major life changes.

Our Investment Policy

Academically sound investing. We use only highly available registered funds from investment companies whose philosophies match our passion for performance. We use low-cost investments from reputable companies like Dimensional Fund Advisors and Vanguard. We don’t speculate in private placements or other unconventional investments. We do not sell insurance products or load funds.

Financial Planning

We offer comprehensive financial planning. Instead of segmented advice on investment, retirement, tax, estate, and insurance planning, we bring it all together in one place to work in your best interest.

Our Risk Management Philosophy

Knowledge is power. Educating our clients about the opportunities and inherent risks of markets and investing is a top priority. We address risk and volatility using principles of diversification, rebalancing, risk-adjusted asset allocation, asset-class investing, and a lot of proven experience!

Our Cost Structure

Fee-only. This means our decisions are not colored by commissions or affinity kickbacks. Our primary and only interest is your financial success, not the bottom line of an investment company. Our advisory fees range from 30 to 80 basis points (0.3% to 0.8%) based on managed assets. We focus on building a long-term relationship that will help you reach your financial goals.