Wealth Management

In searching for the best way to describe our overall suite of services, ‘wealth management services’ is something that frequently comes to mind. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, TrueNorth Wealth is the among the top financial firms in the State of Utah. We provide academically sound financial planning, rooted in the experience of seasoned and personable financial planners. Our aim is to effectively guide the management of our clients’ wealth and wealth distribution.  


Estate Planning Services

Estate planning now, not only allows you to avoid unnecessary taxes, attorney fees, and court costs, but it also takes the burden of organizing your estate off of the shoulders of your loved ones. TrueNorth wealth in Salt Lake City can help you with your estate planning today.


Investment Planning Services

Investment and retirement planning go hand in hand.  Investment planning is the means by which successful retirement is possible. Our independence makes the entire universe of investments available to clients, but our prudence reduces the options to only the best we can find. We don’t speculate in private placements or other alternative investments. We use only highly available, registered funds from investment companies whose philosophies match our passion for premium performance.


Retirement Planning Services

We assist clients in every stage of retirement preparation and distribution planning.  We build client wealth and effectively guide wealth distribution during retirement years. This includes helping clients determine when they can retire, the financial assets required to sustain an enjoyable retirement, and planning for family or other wealth distributions at life’s end.  We offer personal and corporate retirement services, including profit sharing, 401(k), pensions, SEP, and a full range of other available options.


Insurance Planning Services

Even the best-laid plans can go awry. A well-balanced insurance plan makes sure you are covering your assets without buying more insurance than you need. We don’t sell insurance even though we have insurance licenses. We do take an independent and objective look at your insurance to make sure your policies are effectively protecting you and your assets. If you need additional coverage, we can recommend qualified people with integrity who can help you purchase an appropriate policy.


Income Tax Planning Services

As time goes on and your wealth increases, income tax planning becomes increasingly sophisticated and nuanced, requiring the expertise of knowledgeable professionals.


College Saving Plan

The importance of higher education has only risen in the past decades, with more and more jobs requiring a college degree to even be considered. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, those with a bachelor’s degree will earn nearly twice as much over the course of their lifetimes as those who have only a high school diploma. This means that rather than facing the choice of whether children should attend college, more and more parents are instead faced with the decision of how they will pay for it.


401(k) Solutions

At TrueNorth Wealth, we offer 401(k) advisory services as well as advisement for 403(b) accounts and 457 plans.