Estate Planning Services

Estate planning now, not only allows you to avoid unnecessary taxes, attorney fees, and court costs, but it also takes the burden of organizing your estate off of the shoulders of your loved ones. TrueNorth Wealth in Salt Lake City can help you with your estate planning today. We also have offices in St. George and in Logan, to make sure we can help our clients no matter where they are located in Utah.

Why Should I Consider Estate Planning?

Your estate is not something to be handled lightly. The representation of your, and your family’s, life work and investment should be met with equivalent care and expertise. TrueNorth Wealth is here to make sure your estate is valued accurately as well monitored and invested exceptionally.

Estate Planning image depicting a house made out of multiple 100 dollar bills.

Estate Planning in Salt Lake City, Utah

As life events or other estate-impacting occurrences may arise you will want your estate planner and financial advisor to be accessible. TrueNorth Wealth provides a comprehensive overview from our headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah with additional offices located in Saint George and Logan, Utah as well as an office in Boise, Idaho.

How TrueNorth Wealth can help you with your estate planning:

  • Analyzing your current estate plan and working with your attorney to ensure your estate plan includes your financial goals.
  • Monitoring your estate for any significant life events that may trigger the need to make a change.
  • Transferring assets to your living or other trusts.
  • Guiding you through the necessary steps after the death of a loved one.
  • Finding an excellent attorney to help you create an estate plan if you do not already have one.

Start Planning Your Future Today