Operations Abby Johnson

Abby Johnson

Operations Manager

Abby is energetic, driven, spontaneous, and is constantly challenging herself; her mind, her thought processes, and her strength. She is inspired by those who have been through difficult trials and become stronger; people who are willing to be taught, and learn new things that challenge their previous ideals. She enjoys connecting with people through travel, life and work. Abby is the youngest of 6 kids, and says being the baby in a family with five amazing and successful siblings is inspiring and motivating.

Abby Johnson is the Operations Manager on our team. She is currently working to earn a communications degree from BYU Idaho. Previously she was a finance manager, and a Doctor’s assistant at a chiropractic office.

Abby was born in Houston, and moved to Southern California when she was 13. She enjoys sports and played volleyball for years growing up. She enjoys watching rugby, because of how intense it can be. She had brothers who played and she loved watching their tournaments. She is close to her family and loves going to the dunes, riding side by sides, and camping and boating with them. She recently gave golfing a chance, and was surprised at how much fun it was. She loves dirt biking, yoga, paddle boarding, tanning in the warm sun, game nights, games, and spending time with the people she loves. She has always wanted to master cooking and baking. She enjoys making food, but always seems to enjoy eating out more. She loves Mexican food, and her favorite restaurant is La Hacienda. She can’t live without cheese enchiladas!

Abby is a nurturer. She is aware of the needs of people and animals around her. She takes care of everyone, whether it be a friend in need of comfort or a sick sibling in need of soup. She loves children and puppies; anytime she sees a puppy for sale, she will always stop and play with it. Abby likes helping our clients have peace of mind. She says, “Money is a huge aspect of our lives, and it’s important to be able to help clients have a positive experience with our firm and know that they are being taken care of.”

Abby loves getting to know people she meets, hearing about how they grew up or where they’ve been. She has a way of relating to people through love, empathy and a great sense of humor. She is great at solving problems and finding solutions that benefit everyone involved.

A favorite quote?
“Happiness is only real, when shared”
– Christopher McCandless

A meaningful book or movie that touched you?
The Maze Runner! I loved that this series involves a group of people who work together to find out truth.

Who is your hero?
My Mom. She is the strongest woman I know. I look up to her and always look to her for advice.

The best vacation you have had so far?
I spent a week in Cozumel, Mexico with my cousin. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort, and it was the most fun, relaxing time of my life.
We went deep sea fishing, tanned on the warm beaches in Cozumel, swam with dolphins, explored the island in our jeep, climbed light towers, ate the most delicious food, and star gazed on moon loungers.