Director of Retirement Services Jessica Balkman

Jessica Balkman

Director of Retirement Services

Jessica is the Director of Retirement Services here at TrueNorth, where she oversees all 401k business operations and manages client relationships. You will often find her in a client’s office, conducting education meetings with employees, or coaching employers through a 401(k) process. Jessica thrives on connecting with clients and building 401k strategies that not only benefit our clients, but that change the lives of their employees as well.

As the daughter of a restaurateur, Jessica has always been interested in business operations and development. She spent her teenage years waiting tables, managing inventory, and learning how to keep the books for the restaurant. Jessica later went on to study Business at the University of Utah, where she graduated in 2014. Her upbringing and education are what led her to love the 401k business.

When she is not spending her time talking about 401(k)’s, you will find her and her family skiing, mountain biking or climbing outdoors.